A Newbie’s Thoughts on the whole Hugofail

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Essentially, I think it is good that we call out people with not merely obnoxious but hate inciting views. Let’s weed ’em out brothers and sisters. This may not have started out as our terrain, but many of us have struggled enough to earn the right to call it their own and anyone who doesn’t like it can leave.

And I’m heartened, in a funny way by the reaction. In the UK children’s lit world where I’ve hitherto been lurking, mostly this doesn’t happen (the obnoxiousness) because people are too nice and polite. A whole trove of archaic and stereotyped opinions can be buried under all that politeness though, and the thing is, if people don’t talk about this stuff (because they are too polite and nice) their views aren’t challenged and Nothing Ever Changes.

So, as Gandhi once said. You must be the change you wish to see in the world. I’ll be attending my very first SFF con in LonCon 14. So next time, I can vote. And I’d urge anyone who feels this way to do the same.

More discussion here http://www.tor.com/blogs/2014/04/sleeps-with-monsters-how-about-those-hugos


and on Bibliodaze, here


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3 Responses to A Newbie’s Thoughts on the whole Hugofail

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  2. Cat says:

    If you have a Worldcon membership you can vote *this* time. Not on the nominations, of course; those are done, but on the final Hugo Award. I bought my first ever supporting membership the day after I heard about HugoFail and I will be voting. As far as I’m concerned I will vote for the book / novella / etc I like the best, and I don’t like racist sexist homophobic things.

  3. g.r.delamere says:

    Thanks so much for the info-I will certainly be voting for the final Hugo award. Let’s hope all the discussion galvanises more of us! I’ve read and seen so much great stuff I will be voting for (and avoiding the garbage I won’t be voting for)

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