The Most Common Mistakes of Novice Writers

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The Most Common Mistakes of Novice Writers

From teaching scores of writing students, I notice the same mistakes coming up time and again.  These are the most common errors I see among people just starting to write a manuscript.

  1. Confused narrative. The sequence of events lacks strict logic or makes insufficient sense. You have to ask yourself at all times not, ‘Do I understand this?’ but ‘Will the reader know what I am talking about?’
  1. Lack of specificity. It is always important, when describing, to talk about specific rather than general items/people. Thus ‘ a dog walked into the room’ is less convincing than ‘ a bull terrier sloped into the room, limping slightly, its red eyes radiating an idiotic menace, a thin film of saliva coating its teeth.’ But don’t overdo it.
  1. Dialogue not moving dynamically. An awful lot of dialogue is just waffle. Keep asking yourself ‘what job…

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