YA heartbreaking, sweet, unusual contemporary


Danticat needs no introduction. With Breath, Eyes, MemoryThe Dew Breaker and Brother, I’m Dying she’s established herself as one of America’s foremost novelists. Claire of the Sea Light is probably my favourite of her books but this YA contemporary set in the Haitian-American community and telling the story of twins after a devastating car crash is utterly beautiful in its portrayal of grief, recovery and how the dead are always with us. It’s been compared to the much lauded If I Stay and I’ll Give You the Sun but Danticat’s slow, meditative literary prose stands head and shoulders above. Oh, and it has the most beautiful cover ever. 12+

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3 Responses to YA heartbreaking, sweet, unusual contemporary

  1. Glaiza says:

    My local library had a poll of books to choose from earlier this year and I voted for this one because it looked intriguing. Now my library has a copy, which I’ll definitely check out in the future.

  2. g.r.del says:

    Hope you love it! She’s a beautiful writer.

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