The Mighty Odds


The Mighty Odds is a fast-paced funny caper involving four middle-school misfits who develop sort-of superpowers after a minibus accident. There’s Cookie, the only black girl at school who’s pretty, popular, mean and responsible for valedictorian Arab-American Farshad being labelled Terror Boy. There’s nerdy Nick who’s father died when he was nine and quiet Martina who draws her life in cartoons. Oh, and a super-speedy horse and an Amish teenager who helped rescue them from the bus and now sees ghosts…But it’s the relationships between the four as they overcome their considerable differences and work to find  their substitute teacher (who has developed explosive superpowers himself) that really bring this book alive. First of a series. 10+



About g.r.del

reading, writing and the rest. @storyvilled on twitter.
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