Nikki Grimes: Congratulations!

The American Library Association presents its Youth Media Awards annually and among the glitz of the Printz, the Newbery and the Caldecott awards and honours, there is also the Laura Ingalls Wilder award, first presented to the award’s namesake in 1954 (yes-as recently as that!) which this year went to the wonderful poet and author Nikki Grimes

Here are two of her many books (more than 40!):

Barack Obama, Son of Promise, Child of Hope

‘Hope may be slim and beautiful, but she is no weak thing.’

Who didn’t shed a few tears at the last week of the Obama presidency? To  us here in the UK, Obama was the epitome of what a US president should be, together with the warm, wonderful Michelle Obama as First Lady.  His two beautiful daughters were 7 and 10  when they had to deal with changing cities, schools, living in the White House and a father who was the most powerful leader in the world. Nikki Grimes’ beautiful picture-book biography of Obama, with really remarkable illustrations by Bryan Collier is perfect for sharing with your own children. My 8 year old loved it.


In Words With Wings, Gabriella is a daydreamer. She’s moved to a new school in a new part of the world with her single mother and misses her father, a dreamer like her. Gabriella’s story of fitting in to a new place unfolds in verse, interleaved with her own poems and with a sweetly inspirational ending.


Favourite Words

Mine: Pretend

Mom’s: Practical

All we have in common is the letter P

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