Lowriders to the Centre of the Earth


I loved Lowriders in Space and Lowriders to the Centre of the Earth is even better, if that’s possible. The same wonderful team of Lupe Impala, Elirio Malaria and octopus (so cute he’s mistaken for a baby) El Chavo Flapjack are running their own garage.

The mysterious disappearance of their cat Genie leads the intrepid team with their souped-up lowrider all the way to the Underworld where they must outwit none other than Mictlantecuhtli, the Aztec god of the Underworld, who is hoping for a cat skeleton to add to his creepy collection of calaveras. The pace is fast and punny (the coyote!) The drawings are lively, super detailed and  AMAZING-again using the three-colour biro art of the first books and the snippets of Spanish, Mexican culture and mythology are well-placed. Really, I don’t know of a kid between 6 and 16 that wouldn’t enjoy this. A must. 8+

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