This Is Just A Test


Duelling grandmas, bar mitzvahs, trivia quiz teams and um, nuclear fallout shelters combine to unlikely but hilarious effect in this novel for middle-grade readers.

1983 and David, Da-Wei Horowitz is worried about his approaching bar mitzvah. His Chinese grandma Wai Po and Jewish grandma Granny M don’t  agree on anything, his nerdy friend Hector is being pushed out by his new and more savvy trivia-team buddy Scott and he can’t even speak in straight sentences to the girl he has a crush on. And having watched a TV movie about a nuclear attack on America called The Day After just about everyone is freaked out by the threat of nuclear attack.

This is a sweet, funny, relatable read for 10+ boys and girls. The two grandmas are hilarious and the Thanksgiving scene ! My kids who are of dual heritage (though not Chinese or Jewish) could totally relate.

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2 Responses to This Is Just A Test

  1. Sounds like fun! We also recently came across a fun story called Queen of the Hanukkah Dosas for the little ones!! Check it out on!!

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