The True Meaning of Smekday

Here’s my review from Feb 2015:

Completely hilarious, so much so that I actually laughed out loud and more than once. Tip, the protagonist in whose first-person voice the story is told is that rare thing, an older-than-her-years, wise-cracking, smart MG narrator who never becomes annoying. J-Lo the alien is a delightful character, his mixture of other-world superior scientific knowledge and new kid makes the sequence where he pretends to be Tip’s little brother in a ghost costume particularly inspired. I liked the framing device of the school essay and now I want nothing less than a Boov of my very own. Hope the film (retitled HOME and I fear somewhat DreamWorksified) isn’t going to disappoint. Will be pushing this on all the 9-11 year olds I know.

UPDATE: The film was both better (Rihanna!) and worse (simplified plot, less scary aliens ) than I hoped but the upside is that the book now has a fantabulous girl of colour ON THE COVER. And it’s still a great, funny read for 9+

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